To create a account navigate to the Modules ➤  Accounts, you can see the created accounts. You will get the list view as you have configured from the Design ➤ Lists ➤ Admin List. [1]


Click on the “+Create” button and insert the form details as you have configured from the Admin Forms. [2][3]


– Account Name: Insert the name of the account. 


– Parent Account: Select the parent account for the account you are creating. 


– Primary Contact: Select the Primary contact person for the account you are creating.  


– Number of Employees: Insert the number of employees. 


– Status Reason: Select Status Reason from Active/Inactive.


– Active: Select Active Staus from Yes/No.


– Main Phone & Email ID: Insert the phone number and email address of the account.


– Address Details: Insert the address details. 


After inserting all the information click on the Submit button and the account will be created. [4]


Edit, Delete, & Download CSV


You can also perform other actions like Edit, Delete, & Download CSV by clicking on the Ellipsis icon or CSV icon. [5]

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