Any cases created from the portal user, admins can view it from Modules ➤ Cases. You can also create the cases by clicking on the “+Create” button. 


Fill out the form: [1]


– Case Title: Insert the Case Title. 


– Customer: Select the Account/Contact for whom you are creating this case. 


– Case Number: Insert the case number.


– Description: Insert the description for which you are creating this case.


– Priority: Select the priority.


– Case Stage: Select the stage of the case. 


– Case Type: Select the Case Type.


– Case Issues: Select the type of issues your customer is facing.


– Email Address: Insert the email address of the customer


– Status Reason: Select the Status of the case


– Active: Select the Active status from Yes/No


After adding the details click on the Submit button and case for your customer is created. [2]

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