Portal General Settings

Navigate to the SettingsPortal Settings to set up your portal details. Also, from the ‘gear’ icon, you can navigate to the General Settings. You will have two different settings here: General Settings and Sync Layout settings.



General Settings


You can set your portal details under General Settings. You can set the general details as follow:


Portal Name: Describe your Portal Name (Title).


Portal Logo: Select the image to display as a logo. The selected image logo will appear there.



You can configure the “Sync Layouts” to make the process faster for getting data from the CRM. It will sync the CRM entity in the database.


If the admin users made any changes to the CRM entity, they must Sync the data with the portal in the PortalXpand admin.


You will see the two options to sync the entity’s data: Sync All Entities or Sync Specific Entity.


Sync All Entities: If you want to sync all the entity data from the CRM, you need to select this option.


Sync Specific Entity: If you want to sync the data of the specific entity, you need to select this option. When you select this option, you will get the entity drop-down selection of the enabled entities.


Select Entity to Sync: Select the entity from dropdown selection to sync the CRM data.


Once you select the entity, click on the Sync button.