Set Portal Layout

To avail SugarCRM modules into your WordPress portal, it is mandatory to set Portal Layouts for each accessible module. Customer Portal plug-in provides facility to set Portal Layouts for Accounts, Contacts, Calls, Meetings, Notes, Cases, Documents and Quotes module from SugarCRM.


To Set Portal layouts navigate to Administration – > Configure Portal layout. Select your desired User Group and respective module for Layout setting from the dropdown.


Set layouts for Edit view, Detail view and List view. Drag and drop fields from left column to the right. After populating the layout, click on ‘Save’ button to save the layout.


Besides every field in layout there is one settings option which help you to add help tip and portal label for your portal field.


After populating the layout, click on ‘Save’ button to save the layout.


You can also navigate to “Mass Settings” option from portal layout page.


It provides you to manage various field settings, which are listed below: –

Help tip: This attribute will be shown as a tooltip regarding respective field in portal.

Read-only: This attribute will restrict user to edit respective field’s value.

Required: This attribute will allow user to make fields mandatory.


Note: You can only make fields mandatory if they are not default required fields from CRM.


Label: This attribute will hold CRM label value but if user wants customized label for portal, this attribute is helpful.