Send Email to Form Respondent

Send Email to Form Respondent for Form Widget


Admin users will get the Email Respondent option from the Form widget Configuration. There will be an option as “Send Email to Form Respondent”, by enabling this option you will get the following option to select:


– Select Page: Select a page from the drop-down list to redirect to that page.
You need to select record links from the “Select Page“ that will convert into the page link which is sent in an email, and it will redirect the form submitter to the selected page.


– Select Email Template: Select an Email Template from the drop-down to send an Email with that template details.
The Email template is according to the selected form’s Object, in the case of the parent-child relationship form the templates will be according to both the Objects.


Note: If the page is “Add” type (to create a new record), only then an “Email respondent setting” will be shown in the From widget configuration.


If the page is also selected for the Before Login, the Email field must be in the form details that will be used to send the Email.


For the After login, the portal users will get the Form respondent mail with the form details in the Email that is used for the logged in.