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Want to make block level changes? Well, you can configure everything from a field to view style, icon, background color to font color and style. Check out this video and manage your blocks in the column using pagebuilder.

Our Salesforce portal not only allows you to customize the layout by dragging and dropping the components, but also lets you change the style and color of it. From a specific field to the entire page, you can change the color, set styles, organize them, and do a lot more. Watch this video to learn everything about layout design.

We know how important it is to secure the data. Hence, our Salesforce customer portal comes with features like two-factor authentication and recaptcha for double layer of protection. The features help you verify whether the action is performed by an authorized person or not. Here’s the guide to enable it on the portal login page.


PortalXpand lets you configure the CRM authentication options by connecting Live or Sandbox CRM. You can set the authentication type for different environments. Watch this video to learn how to configure it.

Go to the design module, form builder, select the form, and add the code in the code editor. Adding JavaScript code to the form in the PortalXpand is that easy. Watch this video to get a better idea of it.

Sometimes you may have multiple values for a field but would like to show only a few. For example, a Case field may have values like case number, status, priority, case details, case owner, and more. You decide to show case number and status to the user, you can do so by selecting only those values. This video explains how to manage the values and enable the ones to be shown.