About WPML Addon


Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress enables you to integrate a customer portal in your website with Salesforce as the backend framework and WordPress as the front-end interface. You can configure the WPML into WordPress to provide the Portal language-specific to the portal users.

WPML plugin is a great way to translate your WordPress website or portals into other languages. Add the translated content to pages, menu options, widgets, taxonomies, etc. Overall, portal users can switch languages and browse content in their preferred language.


Benefits of WPML Addon

> Customer Experience

With a WPML plugin installation & configuration, you can provide a better customer experience in the regional language of the portal users.


> Get and Sync the Salesforce Customer Portal content

Scan Salesforce Customer portal strings and Sync the navigation Menus.


> Customer Experience

Translate the pages into other languages by duplicating the original pages for the portal users.


> Language Switcher

Enable and customize the language switcher for the Login, Forgot Password, Register, and Dashboard pages.



Follow these points before you start the installation:


– You should login as an Administrator in Salesforce and have a valid License Key Provided by CRMJetty.

– Check if your WordPress site is compatible with Customer Portal and have an SSL certificate.

– With these details, you should be able to login as an admin on your WordPress site.

– Create a connected app on the Salesforce

– You should also authenticate the connected app on the WordPress end.

– Install and activate the “Salesforce Customer Portal WPML” and WPML Plugins into WordPress.

– Supported Salesforce Editions:
Enterprise,Unlimited, Developer, Performance, Professional (API should be enabled).

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