To check the portal users, navigate to the Portal User Management → Contacts. Here you will get the list of the Salesforce 365 contacts that you can add/manage from here and sync with Salesforce CRM.


Note: Here you will get the list layout only if you have created the user forms in the Portal User Settings.


Once the contacts are added, you can generate the portal credentials and approve the users for the CRM contacts in bulk. Convert these contacts to portal users just with a single click.


> Filter Contact Records


You can filter the specific records by clicking on the ‘Filter’ icon from the right side. By clicking on the ‘Filter’ icon, the sidebar will open from the right. You can filter the specific Contact records based on the following criteria:

– Search By Keyword: Search the contact records by inserting the Keyword.


– Roles: Search the Role wise contact records. You need to select the Roles from the dropdown list.


– Access: Select the record’s customer portal accessibility: “Enabled” or “Disabled” records.


After selecting the filter options, click on the Apply button to get the Contact records.