To display the record counter of a specific entity, you need to insert the following details:


Title: Insert the relevant Counter Title. i.e., Total Cases, In Progress Cases.


Select Entity: Select the module from the list. i.e., Account, Case, Attachment, Contract, Call, Order.


Select Field: As per the Entity selection, the Fields will be fetched.


Select Field Value: Select the field value of the entity that you want to display on the counter.


Icon Class: By clicking on the Pick an Icon button, you will get the icon picker list. Pick a relevant icon.


Enable Workflow: Tickmark this option to assign the workflow and derive the results based on the assigned conditions.


Data Loading Workflow: Assign the created workflow to the widget that you want to enable for the data loading.


Enable reCAPTCHA: If you have enabled the reCAPTCHA, you will get the “Enable reCAPTCHA” option in the widget. By enabling the reCAPTCHA, the page will be protected from spam when the portal users navigate to the page.


Design Layout: You will get the 3- predefined Design Layouts (Style). Select any design layout to display in the customer portal.


By clicking on the design, you will get the preview of it.