Create a New Form

You can create a Form for any other Object. By clicking on the + Create button, a popup will appear where you need to insert the ‘Title’ of the Form. Click on the Next button to design the layout.


(+) Add Panel


You will get the (+) Add Panel option that can be used to separate the portal content (fields) into multiple sections to be displayed to the portal users in the customer portal. You can insert a relevant title to the panel to identify it. You will get the (+) Add Panel option at the bottom of the drag-drop area (Body).


By clicking on the (+) Add Panel a new panel will be added to the drag area (body) of the Form builder. You can edit the panel and update the “Panel Title”. After editing the panel title, click on the Save button.


Under “Web Forms”, by selecting the ‘Object’, you can design the layout for the Add, Edit & Detail pages individually for a new page. You can simply drag & drop the required Fields into the ‘Form’ grid.


Here, there are two Copy options provided: “Copy to Edit” & “Copy to Detail”. You can copy the ‘Add’ form design for the ‘Edit’ form and ‘Detail’ form as well.


By selecting these options, you can copy the ‘Add’ form for the ‘Edit’ & ‘Details’ forms that will create the same design for the form layout and same Fields. If you are designing the ‘Edit’ form, you will get the ‘Copy to Add’ form.


When you are creating a new form and after inserting the Object Fields, you can easily change the position of those Fields just by dragging & dropping under the specific Form Grid.


You can also move any Fields to another ‘Form Grid’ easily by dragging & dropping that Field. Other Fields automatically adjust the position.