Add/Edit List Page

By clicking on the ‘Edit’ option, you can edit the list page. You can drag & drop the ‘Fields’ from right to the body of the selected entity. (Screenshot-1)

Note: If you are editing any List page, you cannot edit/change the Entity, cannot use the ready list from CRM (Use Existing), or cannot use the fetchXml Query. You can edit the fields of the entity only.


– Create (Add) a new Listing layout


You can create a listing page for any other entity. By clicking on the + Create button, a popup will appear where you need to insert the ‘Title’ of the list page. Click on the Next button to design the list builder. (Screenshot-2)


You will navigate the List layout design page. (Screenshot-3)


From the right side, you can either Create a New List view or Use an existing ready list from CRM and it can be configured in the list builder. (Screenshot-4)


Select the Entity for which you want to create a layout of the list view.

– Selecting ‘Create New’ layout


After selecting the ‘Entity’, you can add the Field using Columns or FetchXML query. If you select the Columns, you will get the Fields (including standard & custom), drag & drop the required fields from right to left to add the columns for the list.  (Screenshot-5)


By clicking on the ‘edit’ option of any Field, you can edit and update the title (label) of the field from the Field Configuration. (Screenshot-6)


After updating, the Field labels click on the Save button and finalize the list builder by clicking on the Publish You can keep it as a draft by clicking on the Save As Draft.