Text, Image & List widgets

Text, Image & List Widgets


Text: Add the Text widget for any page layout content. Design the text with different settings.


Image: Drag-drop any image to display on the customer portal or you can browse the image from the Image Configuration. Under Image Configuration:

– List Form: Select entity from the ‘List Form’ that is configured from the Form.

– Create Page URL: Select the Page URL to redirect to the Create Page.

– Edit Page URL: Select the Page URL to redirect to the Edit Page.

– Detail Page URL: Select page URL to redirect to the Detail page.


Note: By clicking on the + add icon beside the Page URL (Create, Edit & Detail), you will navigate to the Page Builder to create a new page. You can directly add a new page from here. By clicking on the Refresh icon, it will refresh the list of the pages and get the latest pages. the selection will be.


Records per page: Set the no. of the records to be displayed on the page.

Design Layout: By scrolling down, you will get the 3- predefined Design Layout (Style) for the List view. By clicking on any design, you will get a preview of it. Select any design layout to display in the customer portal.