Form Builder

You can set the layout for the add/edit and the detail page of different entities that are enabled from the “Portal User Management -> Entity Configuration”.

You can design the layout of the form page of the portal. By clicking on the “Form Builder”, you will navigate to the list of the Form Builder page.


1.You can search the specific Form record by inserting the text caption.


2.You can filter the specific Form record by selecting its Status: All List, My List, Drafts or Published


3.By selecting any From the record, you can perform such actions as ‘Duplicate’, ‘Delete’, and ‘Translate’.


4.You can ‘preview’ the Form layout by clicking on the ‘eye’ (preview) icon.


5.By clicking on the options icon, you will get some actions to edit the Form record, Delete, Duplicate, and move to Draft.


Here, you will get the Entity column to identify the form that belongs to which entity. It will display the entity that was selected at the time of creating the Form layout


> Status of the Form record (Draft/Publish)

If any Form page is already published, you will get the “Draft” option here. But the list Form is in the ‘Draft mode’, you will get the Publish option. (Screenshot-3)

If you select multiple form records containing draft and published status, then all those forms will be converted to published status.

If you have selected all the published form records, it will convert to the draft mode.

Note: You can move the form into the ‘Draft’ mode only if the list is not used in the Page Builder for a specific page.