Multi-Step Form builder

You can display the Form content of any Modulestep by step in the customer portal. You will get the “Enable Multi-Step From” option in the Form configuration on the right panel under the “Web Forms”. [1]


The portal users will get the Form with Multi-Step as per the sections you have added here. They will get the Form content in section-wise multi-steps while adding & editing the module form if you have enabled the “Multi-Step Form”.


By enabling the Multi-Step Form option, you will configure the following button labels, by default Previous & Next labels will be added respectively: 


Previous Button Label: Insert the ‘previous button label’ for previous form content navigation.


Next Button Label: Insert the ‘next button label’ for next form content navigation.


Once you have created the Form layout, you can set the Form in the module. You can also see the preview of the form by clicking on the “Preview” button. [2]

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