Add/Edit Form Page

You can design the layouts for the Add/Edit & Detail page for the entity by selecting the “Form Type”.

Under the “Form Grid”, you can edit the added Field’s label or delete it if not required. (Screenshot-1)

You can preview the ‘Form’ by clicking on the Preview button; you can check the entity layout. (Screenshot-2)

Note: You can edit & update the Field details in the Form page in editing mode, but you cannot edit/change the Entity.


> Create (Add) a new Form page

You can create a Form for any other entity. By clicking on the + Create button, a popup will appear where you need to insert the ‘Title’ of the Form. Click on the Next button to design the layout. (Screenshot-3)

Under the “Layout” tab, the different layouts (body) are provided to manage the Fields in that and display the portal content as you want it to be displayed. Drag and drop any layout from right to left in the Body part. (Screenshot-4)

Under Web Forms, by selecting the entity, you can design the layout for the “Add/Edit” page & “Detail” page.

Once you have added the fields and designed the layouts, you can Publish the Form or keep it as a Draft. (Screenshot-5)

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