WordPress Plugin installation

Login to your WordPress site from wp-admin and navigate to the “Plugins” module.


Click on the ‘Add New’ button which will redirect you to the ‘Add Plugins’ Page. Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button. Browse the ‘sf-customer-portal’ zip and Install the Plugin.


Click on the ‘Install Now’ button to install the plug-in. After installation, you can see the “Salesforce Customer Portal” plugin was successfully installed. But still, it’s Inactive.


Click on ‘Activate’ to activate this newly installed plugin.


WPML Plugins installation & activation


Similarly, you need to add the following plugins and activate them once they installed:


Salesforce Customer Portal WPML


WPML Media


WPML Multilingual CMS


WPML String Translation


“Salesforce Customer Portal WPML” is primary a plugin for the SF Customer portal to configure and manage the translation of the customer portal content: Menu, Pages, Theme & Strings.


You also need to add the plugins of WPML: “WPML Media”, “WPML Multilingual CMS” & “WPML String Translation”.


You must keep activating all the plugins.