Knowledge base

If you want to display the Knowledge base articles/blogs to the portal users, select this widget. You need to configure the following details:


Knowledge Base Title: Set the title for the knowledge base widget.


Records per Page: Set the no. of the records per to be displayed on the page.


Select Role Types: Select the Portal users Roles that are created under the Portal User Management -> Roles.


Enable Workflow: Tickmark this option to assign the workflow and derive the results based on the assigned conditions.


– Data Loading Workflow: Assign the created workflow to the widget that you want to enable for the data loading.


Enable reCAPTCHA: If you have enabled the reCAPTCHA, you will get the “Enable reCAPTCHA” option in the Knowledge Base widget. By enabling the reCAPTCHA, the page will be protected from spam when the portal users navigate to the page.


Note: If the V3 reCAPTCHA is configured, only then you will get the Enable reCAPTCHA option in the Knowledge Base widget configuration. If you have enabled it, the V3 reCAPTCHA will appear in the customer portal.


Design Layout: You will get the 3- predefined Design Layouts (Style). Select any design layout to display in the customer portal.


By clicking on the design, you will get the preview of the design.