Knowledge Article

Knowledge articles are very helpful in providing the information of the tool or educating the customers about your product or services. [1]


You can create the Knowledge articles by navigating to the Module ➤ Knowledge Article and click on the “+Create” button.  [2]


– Title: Insert the title for the knowledge article


– Description: Insert the description of the article


– Keywords: Insert the keyword for the better ranking


– Status Reason: Select the status reason for the article


– Active: Select the Active Status of the article


– Article ID: Select the article ID if it is related to the already added article


– Article Photo: Upload the article photo


– Attachment: Upload the attachments if you want to display to the portal user


– Content: Insert the content to be displayed in the on the portal 


After adding all the information, click on the Submit button and the knowledge article is created. [3]