Page Builder

Navigate to the DesignPage Builder to design & configure the Form layout for the add/edit and the detail page of different Objects. You can design the dynamic layout of the pages for the ‘list view’ and ‘form view’ of the different Objects. By clicking on the “Page Builder”, you will navigate to the list of the Page Builder page.


1. By selecting the listing record(s), you can duplicate or delete the record(s).


2. You can filter and search the specific page records by clicking on the ‘Filter’ icon.


3. You can ‘preview’ the page view design by clicking on the ‘eye’ (preview) icon.


By clicking on the ‘ellipsis’ icon, you will get some actions to Edit the Form record, Delete, Duplicate, and move to Draft/Publish.


You can ‘preview’ the Page layout by clicking on the ‘eye’ (preview) icon.