Portal General Settings

Navigate to the Settings -> Portal Settings from where you can set your portal details. Also, from the ‘gear’  icon, you can navigate to the General Settings.

You can set your portal details under the General Settings. You can set the general details as follow:

Portal Name: Describe your Portal Name (Title).

Records per Pages: Select the no. of records that you want to be displayed on a page.

Portal Logo: Select the image to display a logo.

Default Language: Select the default language from the drop-down list that will contain all CRM-enabled languages. The customer portal will be displayed as per the default language selected here.

Note: Here, only those languages will appear that are configured from the CRM side.


Language Configuration: Translate the customer portal content using a CSV file. Here, Portal admin users can translate the content by exporting a CSV file and importing the translated CSV file (excel sheet).

Select the ‘Language’ that you want to translate and Export the CSV file. By opening the CSV file, you can translate the labels & text message of the CRM into another language. You need to Translate all the content manually in the CSV file.

Once the content is translated, select that CSV file & Import it to the configured language.


reCaptcha Visible: Enable the ReCaptcha for the Registration, Login & Forgot Password pages to protect your website/web portal.

reCaptcha Site Key: Insert the reCaptcha Site key.

reCaptcha Secret Key: Insert the reCaptcha Secret key.


After inserting all the details, click on the Save button to save the changes.

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