Admin Dashboard

When you log in to the portal being a super admin, you will navigate to the static dashboard from where you can check all the activities in the form of graph and counters as per the given rights.

> Detailed Cards

You can check the active & inactive portal users from the chart. You will get the counter for the ‘New Contact’, ‘Total Users’, ‘Outstanding Invoice’ & ‘New Cases’.

– New Contacts: You will get the no. of new customers that are created from the portal & CRM, or registered on the current day.

– Total Users: You will get the no. of the total admin users.

– Outstanding Invoice: You will get the no. of outstanding invoices till the date.

– New Cases: You will get the no. of new cases for the current day.


> Charts

You will get the charts for 1 day. 1 week, 1 Month & 1 Year. By hovering the mouse on the specific chart, you will get the detail as a popup.


> Quick Actions

  • You will find the “Quick links” for Manage Customers & Design Portal to perform quick actions from the Dashboard.