Field Configurations

You can also edit and configure any Fields that are added by drag & drop (Create New) or from the existing list of the CRM (Using Existing).


You can configure the following details for the Fields:


– Label: Insert the relevant text caption.

– Placeholder: Insert the caption into the input text field.

– Tooltip: Insert the short details as the mouse hover effect.

                    – Attribute: Select the attribute for the field i.e. Read Only, Required Field. 


Workflow Settings

Enable Workflow: Tickmark this option to assign the workflow and derive the results based on the assigned conditions.

Data Loading Workflow: Assign the created workflow to the widget that you want to enable for the data loading.

Note: You can enable workflow only for the Lookup, Customer, and Owner Type Fields.


Once you have added the fields and designed the layouts, you can Publish the Form or keep it as Draft.


If you have selected the Copy to Edit and Copy to Detail, the pages will automatically be created for the selected copy options.