Translate List records (multi-language)

From the listing page of the ‘List’ builder records, all the available languages will appear in the Language column. Here the translated languages will be shown in a dark colored button and the languages that are not translated yet will be shown in the light colored button.


You can translate the List record by clicking on the light colored button or selecting the specific record and click on the ‘Translate’ icon from the record options. Once you click on any of those options, the List builder record will automatically translate it to the selected language.


You can also translate the list layout records from its edit list. From the top you will find the “Languages” option and the enabled languages.


Here, the untranslated language can be seen in the light-colored. By clicking on it the content of the list layouts will translate.


Once you translate the list layout record from the listing page or the Page layout edit page, it will take a few seconds to translate all the CRM content like text labels & messages and you will get an alert message on the screen.


Once all the content of the list layout record translated, it will navigate you to the edit page.



Multiple records Translation


You can also translate the list layout records in bulk by multiple selections.


Note: If only two languages are enabled, the records will be translated to other languages automatically. But, if the enabled languages are more than two, you will get a dropdown selection to select any one language to translate the selected records.



After translating multiple records, a Report will pop up on the screen. This pop-up will display the translated status of the records.