Email Settings

You can set different email templates as per requirements for different email actions (Ex. Registration, Forgot Password, Verify Email etc.). You can edit the existing email templates from the list.


You can add a new ‘Email template’ by clicking on the Create Email Template button.


By clicking on Create Email Template, you will navigate to the Email template creation page. You need to configure and insert the following details:


Email Action: Select the events/actions for what you want to trigger an Email. i.e. For Portal Registration, Forgot Password, etc. You will get the drop-down of the list of the different actions.


Status: Select the current status- ‘Active’ or ‘Deactive’.


Subject: Insert the relevant subject to identify the Email purpose.


Body: Insert the Email description in the Body part. You can use the editing option to make email descriptions in proper format if required.


During inserting the Email description, you can use the parameters as per your Email action.



You can also create an Email template for the ‘Add’ type forms to provide the response which sends Email with the form details including the record link.


Select the “Send Email to Form Respondent” action from the Email Action drop-down. When the Form Respondent option is selected, the Entity drop-down will enable.


Select the Entity for which you need to send the Email as per From submission (Add form).


After selecting the Entity, you need to insert the “Subject” and “Body” (Email Description), you can add the parameters in the mail description.


You will have the following Parameters for the Form data:


[FORMDATA]: It will replace the Form Data.


[FORMRECORDLINK]: It will be replaced with “Go to record” and redirect to the Selected Page.



Note: You can add more than one template for a single Entity. If there are multiple templates for a single Entity. Admin users will get in the list of the Email Templates selection from the Form widget configuration in the Page layout.


Once the Email Template is configured, click on the Save button to create an Email Template.


A new Email Template will be listed.