Record Based Hierarchy Support

You can enable the Record Based Hierarchy by ticking the checkbox of the “Enable Record Based Hierarchy”. You can provide the rights to the portal users to view the Record Based Hierarchy.


Note: Here, you (other Admin users) will get the checkbox for the record-based hierarchy only for the eligible entities which are enabled for the hierarchical relation from the CRM.



Payment Transaction Log


You will see the Payment Transaction Log in the Role Matrix as enabled from the CRM and selected from the Entity Configuration under the Portal Entities



Account Based Hierarchy Support


The portal users can access the data of all the contacts related to the “Account”. You need to create/edit a Role with relationship type as Account and select Record Type for how you want to set hierarchy.


Record Type: “My Records” and “All Records”.


My Records: If you (Admin user) select the “My Records”, the portal users will get their own records and related records when they log in to the customer portal. i.e. Company-level records


All Records: If you select the “All Records”, the portal users will get all the records. i.e. Company-related records