Roles (for Portal Users)

You can add and manage the Roles for the Portal Users from the Portal User Management -> Roles. You can Filter the records as per the Relationship Type, Is Default, and Status.


Relationship Type: You can filter the listing of the Roles by selecting the Relationship Type either “Contact” or “Account”.


Is Default: You can filter the listing of the Roles by selecting the Default selected Roles (Yes) or Non selected roles (No).


Status: You can filter the Roles by selecting the Status of the Role either “Active” or “Inactive”.



After selecting the Filter options, you need to click on the Apply button to filter the Roles records.


Here the listing of the Roles is filtered as per the Relationship Type ‘Account’. If there are multiple records of the roles, you can easily search the specific records by filtering the options.


By clicking on Create Role, you can add a role for the portal users. Insert the Role details and select the Relationship Type to select the relationship associated with the Role.


Enable the entities that you want to enable for the portal users and enable the product for Order & Quote entities.


The Relationship selection is provided to select the relationship that is created in CRM between contact/account and the entity.