Templates (Template Builder)

Navigate to the Templates to design and create a generic template for the different pages. If the design and layout of the different entity pages are the same, you can create a template for the reusability of your layout design and widget.


You can design the layout and add the required widget that will be common for the pages. So, you will not require to design the same page layout for the different entities. The created templates can be used at the time of the creation of the pages.


By clicking on the ‘Templates’, you will get the list of the templates to create, edit and detail pages.


You can search the specific Templates by inserting the text caption of the template.


You can filter the records by selecting the Owner


You can filter the records as per the date range or specific time duration.


Click on the Apply button to search or filter the records and by clicking on the Reset button, you can remove the filters.


Duplicate and delete the templates by multiple selecting the template records.


By clicking on the ellipsis icon of the specific template, you can Edit, Delete, and Duplicate the template.



Create Template


By clicking on the + Create button, you can create a new template by designing a layout and adding a widget.


Insert a relevant Title to identify the template during page creation and by clicking on the Next button, you will navigate to the page layout to design the template.


Here you can drag and drop the design layout under the ‘Layout’ tab and insert the required widgets from the ‘Widgets’ tab.


After designing the template, click on the Save button to create and save the template.


Admin users can also edit the existing template as per requirement or design change.


When Admin users create the Page, on the “Create Page” popup, they can create a new page either by selecting the Page Layout or selecting the relevant Template from the drop-down list. They will get the Select Template dropdown of the created template.


By selecting the required template, you will navigate to the page layout with the designed layout.


After designing the layout, you can save it as a template by clicking on the Save As Template button.