List view

By navigating to any entity, the portal users will be able to see the list of the records of that entity.


Here the users will get the Listing page appearance (Fonts & Background) as per the “Theme configuration” from the Admin portal settings. (Screenshot-1)


The users will get the Listing details as per the configuration from the entity’s Page Builder and as per the configuration of the ‘List widget’.


If you have enabled the Language in the “Menu widget” of the Listing layout page of any entity (i.e., Case page layout), the portal users will be able to access their desired language that is enabled from the CRM & configured from the Portal admin side.


The portal users can access the entity details and edit/deleted the records as per the given rights. (Screenshot-2)




The portal users can also delete multiple records as you have given the delete rights. Portal users can select the entity records in bulk and by clicking on the Delete icon, the records will be removed. (Screenshot-3)


CSV Export


The portal users can export the entity records in the CSV. Select all or select required records to export in CSV and click on the CSV icon, it will export the CSV file of the selected records. (Screenshot-4)