Add/Edit Records

Record Details

By clicking on any records from the list, the portal users can view the record details as per the user rights.

The fields will appear as configured from the admin side.

The portal users can edit/delete the selected records as per the user rights.

Add/Edit Records

– The portal users can ‘edit’ any existing records if the editing rights are given.

– Click on the Submit button once the records are edited.

– The portal users can add a new record if the adding rights are given. As configured from the Page Builder, the fields will appear to insert the details.

– You can select “Account” or “Contact” as per the Lookup records.

– The portal users can add the product if the product selection rights are given for the ‘Order’ object.

– The portal users can select the ‘Price list’ from the Price list lookup records.

– After inserting all the details, the portal users need to Submit the records to save the details.