Set Portal Layout

To avail SuiteCRM modules into your WordPress portal, it is mandatory to set Portal Layouts for each accessible module. Customer Portal plug-in provides facility to set Portal Layouts for Accounts, Contacts, Calls, Meetings, Notes, Cases, Documents, and Quotes module from SuiteCRM.


To set Portal layouts, navigate to Administration -> Configure Portal layout. Select the desired User Group and respective module for Layout setting from the dropdown. [1]


Set layouts for Edit view, Detail view, and List view. [2] Drag and drop fields from the left column to the right. [3]


Besides every field, in layout, there is one settings option that helps you to add help tip and portal label for your portal field. [4]


After populating the layout, click on the ‘Save’ button to save the layout.


You can also navigate to the “Mass Settings” option from the portal layout page. [5]



It provides you to manage various field settings, which are listed below:


– Help tip: This attribute will be shown as a tooltip regarding the respective field in the portal.

Read-only: This attribute will restrict users to edit the respective field’s value.

– Required: This attribute will allow users to make fields mandatory.

Note: You can only make fields mandatory if they are not default required fields from CRM.

Label: This attribute will hold CRM label value but if the user wants a customized label for the portal, this attribute is helpful.