Dynamic access rights

Customer portal provides feature to manage SugarCRM Module’s accessibility for their WordPress portal users. You can decide access of which module should be provided to which customer by WordPress User Group module.


Click on ‘Customer Portal User Group’ link and you will be redirected to the WordPress User Group Module’s List View. Here, you can see “Default” WordPress User Group in the list. User cannot delete this ‘Default’ group record.


Admin can create different “Customer Portal User Group” to provide access to certain defined modules. Admin can also set dynamic access rights for each accessible module.


To provide dynamic access rights to portal users, create a WordPress User Group and save it. You will get a list of Portal enabled modules.


You can also select any custom added relationship for any specific modules. Portal will work on the relationship selected for the module.


To disable a module, select ‘Disable’ option from the status dropdown. To provide dynamic access rights of ‘Create’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ check the boxes against each enabled module.