Set Module Accessibility for Portal Users

Customer Portal provides feature to manage SugarCRM Module’s accessibility for their WordPress portal users. You can decide access of which module should be provided to which customer by WordPress User Group module.


Click on ‘Customer Portal User Group’ link and you will be redirected to the WordPress User Group Module’s List View. Here, you can see ‘Default’ WordPress User Group already exist in the list. User cannot delete this ‘Default’ group record.


You can check and edit the Default Group details.


Note: By default, ‘Default’ group will be assigned to a newly created contact record.


Admin can create different ‘User Group’ and define accessible modules for that group.


Once the Primary details (Business card details) are added, you can configure the Portal Access Module rights for the Portal users.


Under the “Portal Access Module List”, you will get the Relationship Type to define the relationship of the selected user group. You can select either Contact based, or Account based.


If you select Contacts, the portal user will get the data that is directly related to the Contact. But if you select Account, the portal user will get the data that is related to Contact’s Account.


Relationship selection is provided to select the relationship for the module with contacts or accounts. The relationship of the modules will be changed as per the selection of the Relationship Type.


Enable the Modules from here and give the rights for Create/Edit/Delete/Subpanels by ticking the options to your customers, it means the user will get the access to the module as per your settings.