Sub-Panel Accessibility for Portal Users

Customer portal provides feature to manage SugarCRM sub-panel’s accessibility for their WordPress portal users. You can decide access of sub-panel should be provided to which customer by WordPress User Group module.


To provide sub-panel access rights to portal users, create a WordPress User Group and save it.


You will get a list of Portal enabled modules. Check the last box provided for sub-panel’s visibility in portal.


The data in the subpanels will be loaded based on the relationship with the selected Relation Type, either “Contact based” or “Account-based”.


Note: For Calls and Meetings module, if you want to get data listed in sub-panel then you need to make then “Portal Visible”. Follow below steps to make call or meeting portal visible.


Navigate to detail view of call or meetings which you want to make “portal visible”.


Click on Edit option from detail view to edit call or meeting.


From Portal visibility tab check the box to make call or meeting portal visible and view them in sub-panel.