Case Deflection

When you have enabled the ‘Case Deflection’ option with the selection of Category, your customers can search for solution by inserting the keyword or a sentence related to their queries/issues by logging in the portal.


Your customers will be able to see the list of cases by clicking on Case They can click on + Add Case button to add a new case.


After clicking on the + Add button, your customer can find the probable solution by searching the query/issue. The search result will appear as per inserting the search key word.


The customer can also print the solutions by clicking on ‘print’ icon.


If your customers could not find any probable solution or if they found a solution but it is not relevant to what they were looking for then they can add a new Case.


Note: If You have disabled the ‘Case Deflection’ option in SugarCRM, the customers will get directly redirected to the above page to add a case. They will not get the ‘Search Solution’ option.