Sub-Panel Accessibility

Set Sub-Panel Accessibility for Portal Users


The customer portal provides feature to manage SuiteCRM Sub-panel’s accessibility for their WordPress ‘Portal Users’. You can decide access of sub-panel should be provided to which customer by ‘WordPress User Group’ module. [1]


The data in the subpanels will be loaded based on the relationship with the selected Relation Type, either “Contact based” or “Account-based”. ‘Tick’ the last option to provide sub-panel’s visibility to your customers in the portal.


Note: For ‘Calls’ and ‘Meetings’ modules, if you want to get data listed in the sub-panel then you need to make the Portal Visible.


[2] Navigate to the detailed view of calls or meetings which you want to make “portal visible”. [3] Click on Action -> Edit option from detail view to edit call or meeting.


From Portal, the visibility tab checks the box to make call or meeting portal visible and view them in sub-panel.



Note: If ‘Calls’ or ‘Meeting’ is already created, you can tick the Portal Visible option from its detail view.