15. Testimonials Slider Widget

You can add the Testimonial Slider widget to display the customers’ testimonials by customizing the content. Drag & drop the widget and click on the ‘edit’ icon to configure the testimonials slider.


(+) Add Testimonial


First, you need to add the testimonial slides by clicking on the (+) Add Testimonial. You need to configure the following options for the testimonial slider:


Author Name:


– Text: Insert the Author’s name.


– Color: Choose the text color for the author’s name.


Author’s Designation:

– Text: Insert the Author’s designation/position.

– Color: Choose the text color for the author’s designation.




– Text: Insert the message.


– Color: Choose the text color for the description.


Profile Picture: Upload an image that indicates the author’s profile picture.


Alt-Text: You can insert the “alternative text” for an image.




If you have uploaded the image and inserted the details for the “Alt Text” attribute, it will be placed as the Alt and Title attribute. But, if you have not uploaded the image, then the file name will be added to only the Alt attribute.


The maximum image size must be 1 MB. Allowed file types are JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, or SVG.


Rating: You can select the ratings with 5-stars. You need to click on the star(s) to apply the default rating. You are allowed to select a half-star rating as well. To clear the rating, you will find the ‘clear’ icon beside the stars.


After configuring the “Testimonial Slider Configuration”, click on the Save button to save the configuration. Publish the page to apply the changes.


Now, by clicking on the Save button, the testimonial slider will be added. Similarly, you can add more testimonial slides that you want to display in the customer portal.


You can see the newly added testimonial slides under the Testimonials You will see three options for the added testimonial slides: Settings, Clone, and Delete.


Settings: You can edit the slide to update/change any configuration and the details.


Clone: You can duplicate the slide with the same configuration and details.


Delete: You can delete the unwanted slide from the slider. By clicking on it, you will get the warning message and after confirming the message, the slide will be deleted.


Testimonial Slider Settings 


You need to configure the common settings for the testimonial slider to display in the customer portal.


Slider Title: Insert the title of the testimonial slider to be displayed on the frontend.


Enable Auto Slide: This option will help to play the added slides automatically as per the timer. By ticking the checkbox, you need to set the timer to play the slides.




you need to display the navigation settings of the slider.


Enable Arrow: Check the box if you want to display the arrow on the slide.


Enable Pagination: Check the box to enable the pagination in the slides. You will have three designs (pagination type) to display the pagination below the slider.


Rating Color: Select the color of rating to be displayed on the portal.


Slider Height (PX): Insert the height of the slider that will be displayed on the customer portal.


Note: If you have not set any height or set it to 0, the slider height will be set to auto.


By scrolling down, you will find the Save button to save the slider settings and publish the page to apply the changes.