Multi-site Settings

If you have multiple sites in WordPress, you can provide access of portal to all sites. All websites will be listed under ‘My Sites’ tab in your WordPress Admin Account.


To configure Portal for multiple sites, navigate to ‘Network Admin’ and click on ‘Customer Portal’. You can manage all the general configurations for Portal from Network Admin.


Check the ‘Multi-site Sign-in’ check box to allow user to login from any other sub-site.


Check the ‘Multiple Domain Site’ check box to enable portal for websites with multiple domains.


You can configure portal for all sub-sites separately. To configure portal for a sub-site, navigate to that particular site from ‘My Sites’ tab.


Now, click on ‘Customer Portal’ tab on the left side panel. This will take you to the portal configuration page of that particular sub-site.


In addition to general portal settings, you can allow users to have a single sign-in for WordPress Account and Portal. To enable single sign-in feature, check the ‘Single Sign-In’ check box.


To disable portal for this particular sub-site, check the ‘Disable Portal’ checkbox.


Note: If you have not configured portal for each sub-site separately, then all configurations set in the Network Admin will be considered as default.