Single Site Settings

Go to WordPress admin side and click on ‘Customer Portal’ and configure SuiteCRM portal setting options. [1]

Select an appropriate name for your portal. Enter your CRM instance URL and CRM Admin credentials (Username and Password). [2]

You can enable/disable registration for the portal. If this box is unchecked, a new user cannot sign-up from the portal.

In General Settings, you can set the number of records you want to display per page, set Portal Logo, and Mobile Portal Menu Tile. [3]

You can allow users to have a single sign-in for WordPress Account and Portal. To enable the single sign-in feature, check the ‘Single Sign-In’ check box.

You can also choose a template from the dropdown menu.

Note: Choose the ‘Full-Width Page’ template for the existing theme header and footer.

You can select the Theme Color and select color for Calendar activities like Calls, Meetings, Task. [4]

Select the relevant page for different activities. [5]

You can also add a re-captcha option for login, signup, and forgot password pages to protect your website from spam and abuse. [6]

Add re-Captcha Site Key and re-Captcha Secret Key, then configure for pages and save it.

Note: To get details for generating re-Captcha Site Key and re-Captcha Secret Key, navigate here. We support re-Captcha v2.0