Chat Plugin Installation

To install chat plugin, navigate to Plugins and click on the ‘Add New’ button which will redirect you to Add Plugins Page. [1]


Now, search for Live Chat plugin. Install and activate the plugin in your WordPress account.


After activating the plugin, navigate to the settings page of To create a account, sign in to the account. [2] Select a property and widget from here. [3]


Navigate to dashboard and configure your email. To configure mail notifications, navigate to ‘Admin’ from dashboard and click on ‘Mail Notifications’. [4]


Click on ‘Use selected widget’ button to enable chat widget in your portal. [5]


Mention the email to which you wish to send all the chat transcripts.


Now, navigate to Property Settings and enter your Portal URL and click on ‘Save’ This would enable the chat widget in your portal.


Here, you will find an API Key, which you need to enter in your SuiteCRM instance to save chat transcripts. [6]


Copy the API Key and navigate to the Admin page from your SuiteCRM account.


Now, configure inbound email in CRM to create cases for each chat transcript. To configure inbound email, navigate to Profile ->Emails Settings – > Settings -> Mail Accounts. [7]


Click on ‘Add’ button to set up your mail account. Fill up your Email account details and click on ‘Done to finish setup. Once your mail account is added navigate to Chat Configuration from Admin Area. [8]


Click on ‘Chat Configuration’ link. This would open up Portal Chat Configuration Page. [9]


Paste the API key here and click on ‘Save’ Once the plug-in is configured at both ends, you can start chatting with the Portal Users.


Select appropriate email template from the drop-down for New Registered User and Forgot Password.


If the appropriate template is not available, click on “Create” to design your own email template. You can even select any template from the drop-down and click “Edit” to make changes as per your requirement.


You can also set an auto-delete notification period. So that after the defined period, notifications will be automatically deleted.


Select the default language for the portal. So, by default, the portal will work on that selected language.