Single Site Settings

Go to WordPress admin side and click on ‘Customer Portal’ and configure SugarCRM portal setting options.





Select appropriate name for your portal.


Enter your CRM instance URL and CRM Admin credentials (Username and Password).


You can enable/disable registration for portal. If this box is unchecked, new user cannot sign-up from portal.



General Settings


In General Settings, you can set the number of records you want to display per page, set Portal Logo and Mobile Portal Menu Tile.


You can allow users to have a single sign-in for WordPress Account and Portal. To enable single sign-in feature, check the ‘Single Sign-In’ check box.



Layout Settings


You can also choose a template from the dropdown menu.


Note: Choose ‘Full Width Page’ template for existing theme header and footer.


You can select the Theme Color and select color for Calendar activities like Calls, Meetings, Task.


You can also add the Custom CSS.



Page Settings


Select the relevant page for different activities.



reCaptcha Settings


You can also add re-captcha option for login, signup and forgot password page to protect your website from spam and abuse.


Add re-Captcha Site Key and re-Captcha Secret Key, then configure for pages and save it.


Note: To get details for generating re-Captcha Site Key and re-Captcha Secret Key, navigate here. We support re-Captcha v2.0