General Settings

Navigate to the General tab by clicking on Customer Portal à Here you will find some of the options for “Salesforce Customer Portal”:

-> Name: Insert the relevant name of the Portal.

-> Enable Multilanguage: Enable Portal in multilanguage.

-> Portal Language: Select the active language(s) to display to the portal users.

-> Default Portal Language: Select the default language for the portal to display when the users access the login page.

Note: Portal Multi-language supports explained individually.

-> Logo: Select the logo image from the local drive.

-> Enable Registration: Select the checkbox to enable registration for portal users.

-> Enable Email Verification: If enabled, users need to verify their email addresses before using the portal.

-> Enable User Approval: This will enable user approval flow from CRM. registered users will not be able to use the portal until you approve the same from CRM.

-> Two-Step Authentication: If enabled it will allow users to access the interface only after adding valid OTP (received in email).

-> Mobile Menu Title: Add a title for the mobile menu of your portal.

-> Custom CSS: Insert the CSS code if any.

-> Standalone Footer Text: This will display in the footer in the standalone template.