WP Menu Translation

You can translate the WP Customer portal menu and customize the language-specific menu. You can translate the manus in two ways:


– Translating Menus manually


– Automatic Menu sync by WPML


Translating Menus manually


– To translate the menu for the specific language, navigate to the Appearance → Menu.


– You will see the menu with links to translate into other languages enabled on your site. Click on the + icon next to the new language.


By clicking on a language will create a new menu for that language. You can add the same menu items as in your primary language menu or customize the menu as per your need.


Note: If you have your posts and pages in the navigation menus, then you will first need to translate them. After that, you can add them from the tabs on the left in the edit menu screens.


Automatic Menu sync by WPML


You can sync the menu to keep it in different languages. You can add, remove, and update items from the translated menus to match the default language menu. Navigate to the WPML -> WP Menus Sync.


You will get all the menus that are added or removed from the translated menus. By clicking on the Sync button to perform the selected operations.


Once the menus are synced, you need to translate under the String Translation.


You need to select the Customer Portal Menu and Add manually to the translations for the language that will be preserved throughout the WPML sync operation.