Languages Setup

Once you installed & activated the required plugins for WPML, you will get the WPML option in the WordPress navigation pane.


From here, you can manage the translation of the Salesforce content and sync the menu of the Salesforce Customer Portal.


By clicking on the Languages, you can enable the required languages to translate the SF customer portal.


Content language: Select the existing language of the content and click on the “Next”.


Translation Languages: On the next screen, select the languages that you want to enable for the customer portal. Select the languages from the list that you want to add to the customer portal and click on the “Next” button to set up WPML.


Note: Here’s the reference link to check how to set up the WPML.


Site Languages


You can change the Default language and Add/Remove languages as per need.


Language URL format


Choose the URL format for the selected language as ‘directories’ or as a ‘parameter’. You can also add a different domain for the languages.


Note: If you have a different domain, for that, you must have a multi-domain website.


By clicking on the Save button the URL format will be saved. Once you save the format you must need to reset the permalinks in WordPress settings.