After setting up the WPML Languages setup, navigate to the Pages to translate the content of the portal page. You can see the list of portal pages. Translate all the language-specific pages by adding a new page or duplicating the page.


Here, by clicking on the + (add) icon of any page, you can add a new page of the specific language.


You can also edit the already translated pages of any language by clicking on the ‘editing’ option.


Add and Duplicate the Content


Now by clicking on the + add an icon, you will navigate to a new page from where you can add the new page of the Language and duplicate the content. You need to configure the below options under the “Language of this page”:


– Language of this page: Select the language of the page.


– Copy content from English (Source page content): Copy the content from the “Source Page”.

i.e., here the Source page is the English page.


– Overwrite with English Content (Source page content): Overwrite the content from the Source page content.


You can duplicate the uploaded media and featured image from the original page.


Duplicate the page from the original


You can directly copy the page and translate the content by navigating the detail of any page.


‘Tick’ the check box of the Duplicate for the “French” Language and ‘tick’ the media options to translate.


From the Translation (show) option, you can check another language translation that is already translated into that language.


By clicking on the Duplicate button, the page will be duplicated with all the content for the specific language.


If you navigate to the list of the Pages, you will get the translated pages counter for the specific language.

i.e., French.


Similarly, you can duplicate all the pages into that language you want.