How to Create Update Assigned Rights Workflow and How Will it Work on Portal

With the update assigned right, you can manage the access rights of the portal users to perform CRUD operations (Edit, Detail, and Delete) by adding the conditional rules. 

The portal user will only get the access rights for the entity data if they are fulfilling the conditions. 

Note: This workflow condition for rights will be only applied if the user has those rights from the user’s role. (Portal User Management → Roles)

Login to Backend 

Navigate to Settings ➤ Portal Settings ➤ Workflow Management, you will get the list of the created workflows. Now click on the Create button, from here you can configure and set the conditional rules for the workflow to sort and filter the specific entity data. 

You need to configure the following options for the workflow: 

Title: Insert the relevant name to identify the workflow. 

Roles: Select the roles on which you want to make this workflow function. 

Entity: Select the entity for which you need to create the conditions. 

Action Type: You will get two options (Load Data & Update Assigned Rights) to act on the data in the customer portal from that select Update Assigned Rights.

When you select the “Update Assigned Rights” action type, you will get the “Select CRUD Operations to disable access” option.

You need to select the CRUD operation which you want to disable for the selected role.

You need to select the ‘Field’, ‘Operator’, and the Field’s ‘Value’ (attribute) to set the condition based on that. You will get the operators and field’s value as per the selection of the field. Here, the “Complete” and “Cancelled” field values are selected.

It means that the portal users will not get the delete option if the status is “Complete” and “Canceled”.

Now, by clicking on the Save button, the condition of the user access rights of Edit, Detail, and Delete will be applied to the customer portal.

Customer Portal

From the admin side, the condition is set in the workflow. As per the conditions the entity records having the status of “Complete” & “Cancelled”, will not get the Delete access right. 

While the entity records other than the “Complete” & “Cancelled” status will have the Delete rights as well.

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