How to Enable Case Deflection for Portal

Case deflection block is used to display the list of the case solution in the customer portal. You need to select the Case Deflection block from the “Salesforce Portal” blocks. So to enable the Case Deflection to follow the below steps.

Note: Case deflection page is not automatically created when the CRM is connected; you need to create it manually.

You must select the “Page Type” as Portal Case Deflection Page. So, it will be defined as a Case Deflection page.

By selecting the ‘Case deflection block content, you can edit the following options under the “Block” tab.

  • Description Text: Edit the text label to display the instruction regarding the Case deflection.
  • Add Case Heading: Edit the text label of the additional case.
  • Records show at most: You can select the maximum records to display per page.
  • There are two predefined styles provided for the ‘Case Deflection’ block.
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