Can I Set Up an External Website from Page Builder?

You can set external URLs from Pagebuilder in CRMJetty Portal using Custom Link in the Menu Builder. Go to Design ➤ Menu Builder ➤ Edit, you will land on the “Edit Menu” page.                          

You can add the Custom Link as a Menu Item.

  • Menu Title: Insert the Menu Text caption that you want to display.
  • URL: Insert the ‘URL’ where you want to navigate the users.

  • By clicking on the “Add to Menu” button, the custom link menu item will be added on the left side.

  • You can simply drag & drop the Menu Items and set them as a sub-menu item under any main menu item. 

  • You can also edit the Menu Items by clicking on the down arrow.
  • Menu Item Label: Insert the Menu label caption. 
  • You will get the URL of the menu item.   
  • Is Active: Enable/Disable the Menu item for the customer portal.

After configuring all the details click on the “Save” button to save the details.

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