Can we create a form with multiple sections?

Yes, you can create a form with multiple sections. Follow the below instructions.

CRMJetty Portal

Go to Design ➤ Form Builder, you will land on the “Forms” page. To create the new form click on the “+Create” button and add the “Title”. After adding the title click on the “Next” button. 

After adding the Title, select the layout from the “Layouts” tab. Different layouts are offered to manage the different sections to be displayed as per your need. Just drag & drop the layout to the Body.

After adding the layout, click on the “Add Panel” button to add a new section. 

Now the new section has been added to the body. Click on the “Edit Title” button to edit the title. You can even drag and drop the fields as per your need to the body. 

Here is how you can add the various sections to the body. After configuring all the details click on the “Publish” button to publish the form.

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