Can We Enable reCaptcha on Portal?

Yes, you can enable reCaptcha on the portal from the General Setting in the Portal. For that you have to first register your domain on Google reCaptcha. Now using the Site Key and Secret Key you can enable reCaptcha on the portal. Follow the below steps to enable reCaptcha on Portal:

Navigate to Settings ➤ Portal Settings ➤ General settings, you will land on the “General Settings” page. 

You can set your portal details under the General Settings. Here you can add reCaptcha details alongwith general details.    

  • Portal Name: Describe your Portal Name (Title).               
  • Records per Pages: Select the no. of records that you want to display on a page.
  • Portal Logo: Browse and upload the image as a portal logo.
  • reCaptcha Visible: Enable the reCaptcha for the Registration, Login & Forgot Password pages to protect your website/web portal.
  • reCaptcha Site Key: Insert the reCaptcha Site key.
  • reCaptcha Secret Key: Insert the reCaptcha Secret Key.

After inserting all the details, click on the Save button to save the configurations.

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