Does CRMJetty Portal Allow You to Make a Change in Field Labels?

Yes, CRMJetty Portal allows you to edit the field labels as per your requirement from the “Field Configuration” settings of the Form/List Builder. Here are some tips to use Advanced Configuration of the Fields.   

  • You can also edit and configure any Fields that are added by drag & drop (Create New) or from the existing list of the CRM (Using Existing).

  • You can configure the following details for the Fields:
  • Label: Insert the relevant text caption.
  • Placeholder: Insert the caption into the input text field.
  • Tooltip: Insert the short details as the mouse hover effect.
  • Once you have added the fields and designed the layouts, you can Publish the Form or keep it as a Draft.   


  • If you have selected the Copy to Edit and Copy to Detail, the pages will automatically be created for the selected copy options. 


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